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" Joanne's unique expertise in physical fitness training, nutritional education and personal coaching provide her clients progressive, measurable and sustainable pathways to improved quality of life & mental clutter busting."- Susan P.
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It makes sense doesn't it?  Our feelings about our emotional selves and our physical bodies impacts how we feel about life. Body image, body health and physical fitness all play a role in our happiness factor. You don't need the statistics to prove how fitness and nutrition and emotions go hand in hand but you might need helping figuring it all out. That's where I come in. Twenty plus years in the mind and body industry made it clear fitness training often led to nutrition services and personal coaching. It is still not uncommon to find people juggling a trainer, a coach and nutrition pro all at the same time. Multiple services, professionals, and appointments just to manage one whole body goal. Enough.

I coach and train real people, committed to real goals and real understanding of whole self health. Physical fitness is one of the perks but real change starts on  inside. My private coaching programs are: intensive, change driven and centered on your goals. They are NOT one size fits all boot programs. 

I work one on one with a limited number of clients. Personal attention to each client is my priority.

Real Bodies. Real Goals. 


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Answers to Common Questions

Your health is an investment of time and money. You should have questions! hopefully I can answer a few.

Our relationship is an agreement. I bring 100% of my attention to the table and I ask that you do the same. In other words, have the intention of doing the best you can. No one is perfect and change takes work and time but I guarantee I will work with you, and alongside you to help you reach your goals. Some us of progress quickly, some of us need more time. I get it. The most important factor is you do your part get in the game. Life gets hectic. Sometimes it's all you can do to just show up. I know. You need your attention. I need your intention. Together we move forward.

How often do we meet?  2-4 sessions weekly

Where do we meet? At your home, at my home studio, or at Gym One. We train indoors, outside, at local parks and more.

How long are sessions?  45 - 60 minutes

How many sessions are necessary and how much does it cost?

It's up to you and your goals. We work together four months at a time. Rome wasn't built in a day. Change takes time as well. You should be ready to launch on your own in four months - if not, we revisit your commitment. Sessions are $85-$125 per session.

What if I miss a session, go on vacation, get sick, travel for work? I do all I can to offer makeup sessions due to illness or circumstances. We work together to chart our sessions for the week and month. If you travel, travel workouts will be provided and we check in via phone or email while you are gone.

Is this psychotherapy? Will my insurance cover it?

I am not a licensed therapist. I am a certified fitness expert, medical exercise specialist and behavior change coach. If your health goals and investment in health prove positive, it is likely your health care plan may offers reimbursement. Should you need my help in reimbursement, I am happy to work with your healthcare plan to submit necessary credentials and documentation. I am committed to bridging the gap between healthcare and fitness.

Do you guarantee improvement? I guarantee you will feel better, move better, have more energy and improve your fitness if you honestly follow your program. 

Are you going to sell me products?

No. I am not a salesperson. I will likely recommend a multi vitamin and Omega 3 supplement but any other product recommendations are only recommendations. I will, if needed, share products I like but I don't sell products.

Can I share my sessions with a friend?  

I will accept up to 2 per session. I ask that you think hard about this. Shared time is shared time. If you feel you have a supportive seeking change/clarity partner,  I am open to it too. 

Do you offer specials or discounts? 

No. I value your investment and I hope you value mine. We work together to make happy happen.