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Joanne Blackerby, ACE-CMES, ACE-PT, ACE- Health Coach, Industry Expert, Writer, Educator & Movement Maven

Joanne Blackerby was born in Kingston, Jamaica, the second child of five of a Chinese medical doctor father and a Trinidadian mother. Her family moved to the suburbs of Toronto, Canada when she was six years old, and then at age 12 to Dallas, Texas area Metroplex. Blackerby received a BA in Communications from Trinity University in San Antonio, where she met her husband Chris, now a practicing attorney, and was first certified as a personal trainer. She lives in Austin, Texas, and after initial careers in college admissions and child social services plus completing most of her work on a Masters in Social Work degree from the University of Texas (until motherhood intervened), she started Spirit Fitness Training as a home-based business, and has since opened its own gym space and been named both Fitness Trainer to Watch and The World's Top Personal Trainer. Joanne is the mother of three children: Caleb, Tyler and Bennett. 

 Joanne is a seasoned and highly qualified professional.  She offers progressive background and skills in developing unique and individualized fitness training and personal coaching programs for clients. Recognized as one of the leading fitness experts in Austin,  Joanne is considered one of the toughest and most down to earth personal trainers in Central Texas. Her energy is infectious. Her passion for life contagious and her unique personal history empower her with the energy to impact lives she touches.  Joanne's first book Training Effects earned starred reviews from readers and critics alike.  

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