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Welcome to The Purple Crayon. A virtual world built on a whim to share wisdom, insight and inspiration no matter where you are headed today.

Inspired by Harold and The Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson,  Creator Joanne Blackerby, frames he  the foundations for a community of those who seek imagination and magic and the power of living consciously. Life is an Action. Open Your Mind. Move Your Body. Find Your Spirit.

A Purple Crayon is all about simplifying and discovering your own life path. We are a community of professionals and individuals with helpful hints to conscious living. We're not big on lots of visual media. Our messages are clear. We tend to like white space. Our hope is that we speak to our readers and that you speak to us on just about everything you feel, are interested in or simply want to share. We aim to filter the noise and hope you'll find a place, a connection or support for taking making your world more real instead of virtual.  You won't find us on Facebook and we're not into Tweets. Subscribe to our blog and enjoy the quiet.

Let us know if you have a great idea, an issue at the table, or if you want to contribute - we'd love to hear from you!

Simple Acts of Abandon: Stealth Mode

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