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Simple Acts of Abandon: Stealth Mode

 Life is really noisy. All our smart devices ping, chirp, buzz and ring all day long. Notifications and sound alerts constantly reminding us of what to do, where we are supposed to be, who wants to be followed, who's seeking friends. It creates a constant stress response with the constant pressure to respond to everyone and everything - work, kids, friends and families all swarming at once.

Just thinking about it all is nerve wracking, like running a race you will never win. do you ever think about going into stealth mode? Going dark and just turning all the binging and buzzing off? I do. And I do. 

Several months ago, on a Friday afternoon, I closed my laptop and my Ipad. I turned my smart phone off. Completely off and for 36 glorious hours I went dark. I felt like I was committing a reckless act of social disobedience and after the first sweaty palmed hour, I hid from the noise. It was a life changing experience. 

To my shock, the world continued to turn without me. I basked in the simple acceptance that I was dispensable. No irreversible tragedy or crisis would occur simply because I did not chime in, tweet, buzz, link, send or respond. I was given permission to lapse from the daily grind. I gave myself permission to lapse. Too often we forget that we control our connectedness. We have the ability to change our connective settings. It requires  pro-action, choice and conscious intent.  

Try it. Turn everything off. All of it.

I think you'll find the disconnection somewhat calming, selfishly invigorating, and perhaps a bit reckless - like skipping school or taking a last minute stay-cation. A bit like hide and seek when you were the last one to be found.